About Us

Fuel up. Live big. Restore often.


Our Story

Erinique Owens saw first-hand how cannabis helped her father. For 15 years, he struggled through different diseases, multiple surgeries, and numerous health issues. There was a distinct lack of holistic medical protocol—he was prescribed many different pills that couldn't be taken together (and most that just didn’t work). The only thing helped alleviate his issues was cannabis.  

Erinique Owns, founder of Love Herb Co

Erinique had medical issues of her own—she was a D1 athlete on a full scholarship, who suffered from insomnia and spinal issues. Prescription sleeping pills weren’t working, and neither were the various expensive procedures.

Erinique began searching for effective, plant-based solutions. Through years of research and real-life experience, the proven benefits of cannabis and medicinal mushrooms were impossible to ignore.

After a few bad experiences with too-high dosages and too-sweet edibles, Erinique figured out that two things were important to her: dosage and format. She wanted to incorporate the medicinal capabilities of both cannabis and mushrooms into her daily meals, and thus began experimenting with tinctures & oils. 

A little further down the road of research and development, Love Herb Co was born.

“We put the needs of our minds and bodies first.”
- Erinique Owens, Founder

Our Why

Love Herb Co aims to provide feel-great solutions through cannabis and medicinal mushrooms, creating a mainstream awareness of the positive impact they can have on mind & body.

This company was founded for people who have experienced chronic issues with pain, fatigue, focus, and a wide range of other daily disruptors—for those who don’t want to depend on prescription-strength anything, but still want to optimize their baseline. 

I dealt with chronic spinal pain and chronic sleeplessness for years before finding relief from cannabinoids, and it was a relief so powerful that it became part of my purpose to share it with the world. 


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The Vision

We see a new, normalized approach to reality; that optimizing our minds and bodies through what we consume is a domino effect that will inevitably lead to richer, fuller lives.


The Mission

Love Herb Co’s mission is to support the people who wake up wanting to improve physically and mentally—providing the highest quality plant-based medicinals that help optimize body & mind to ultimately produce a higher-quality life. 


The Values

Self-Love. Our best selves emerge when we care for and acknowledge the power we have within.

Self-Improvement. The foundational human superpower is our ability to constantly & consciously improve—we’re focused on making better choices every single day.

Honest & Trust. The core of our company DNA—we’re putting in the hours of research & development with experts in the field, to give you high-quality products that you can feel good about putting in your body. 

Community. Our measure of success is our customers’ happiness. The Love Herb Co community is our number one priority, always. 

Fun. We do the hard work on ourselves to lead a more fulfilling life—and we never lose sight of the fun to be had.

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    Love Herb Co. formulas are always healthy, honest, and effective—with offerings that are all-natural, pesticide-free, lab-tested, non-GMO, and vegan. 

    Our mindful tincture blends are infused with CBD, adaptogens, supplements, and terpenes.

    Our founder worked side-by-side with a licensed chemist to create custom, small-batch formulas, developed right here in Southern California.